Alicia Keys in Santa Barbara? Yes, please!

Hello! After taking a much needed vacation, I’m back to write more!!! To start 2015 in great (music) taste, I chose to review Alicia Keys concert, which I attended mid August of 2008 in Santa Barbara, California.

That’s right! At that time, I was living in SB and working at the Four Seasons Resort and Hotel there. One of my coworkers, Francisco, took me to buy my ticket (which I got in the 4th row!!!) and then later dropped me off at Santa Barbara Bowl, where the concert was being held.


It was a full packed house! I was so close to Alicia, it was an experience I’ll never forget! The crowd sang all of her songs in a unison, it was incredible. She sang hit after hit, going from “You Don’t Know My Name”, to “Unbreakable”, to her first single “Fallin'”, to finish with “If I Ain’t Got You”. Her vocals mesmerized everyone in the audience along with her piano skills. She’s a complete artist that I fell in love with from the moment I heard “Fallin'” and since then, I’ve been following her career. To have had the opportunity to ser live felt like a dream come true.


Of course during her set I took many pictures and recorded small videos. While I was recording one the security came to me and said that no videos can be recorded. Ok, so I “faked” that I was taking pictures, while I was “positioning” the camera, I was actually recording! Ha!

When it came to an end, everyone wanted more. Alicia is one of those people you want to listen all night long, you never get tired of her. Definitely it was an amazing evening in a very special place that is SB to me!


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